Providing real-time medication management and improving care coordination with doctors and patients


of people with chronic eye conditions do not take their medication

60 million

adults in the U.S. are at risk for vision loss

1 in 3

Americans have some form of vision impairing disease by age 65

Better Vision, Better Life


drug development and clinical trial approval process


doctors prescribe the most effective dosage regimen


continuity of post-hospital medication regimen


patients and family to make informed treatment decisions

Personalized Medicine

For the first time, our technology allows the entire eye care industry to create and manage a medication regimen to fit each patient’s lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

Visionary Technology

Our tiny remote sensor can revolutionize how doctors, hospitals, pharma and caregivers manage sight-threatening conditions.

Stay on Track

Patients can take control of their eye conditions by harnessing the power of today’s digital eye care technology, allowing them to live their lives while receiving the best medical treatment possible.

Unprecedented Insights

Doctors become equipped with the insight to treat individual patients based on their unique lifestyles and needs.

Pharmaceutical Development

Bringing new medicines to market faster, enabling millions to live healthier lives

Pharma can develop better, more efficient medications based on accurate data

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